the votes are in...

so. ive gotten quite a few responses about this whole moving thing. heres the breakdown:

austin - i wanna go there, my mom wants me to go there, catie wants me to go there, and G votes for it.

baltimore - its a shit hole. its been scratched.

denver - sar would be there for another year or so, and ive got family in the area. plus laura would come to visit!

raleigh - i wanna go there, catie also wants me to go there, and G votes for it.

reno - id have laura and kyle

richmond - ive got family there, and in about a year, sar would be there.

philly - G votes for it. but i think its too crime-laden for me, so its a scratch too.

portland - i really really wanna go there. but all that rain. ugh.

providence - it has catie's vote.

san antonio - no votes, but its remaining on the list till further notice.

written @ 10:30 am on 01.09.04
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