a little about me...

real quick like i just wanted to put this in to give out a better picture of myself.

its kinda obscene to fill out one of these things. oh well.

here it is for your viewing pleasure:

name: sara

sex: female

where do you live: middle of nowhere, ohio

height/weight: 56/ 120 lbs

age: 24

eyes/hair: auburn (at the moment)

shoe size: 9

ethnicity: caucasian

sign: pisces

-favorite alcoholic drink: vanil stoli & coke/yuengling

favorite tv show: extreme home makeover/apprentice/any L&O

what's on your mouse pad: crazy mixed up colors.

favorite magazine: harpers bazaar/mademoiselle/Q/spin

favorite smells: vanilla/peppermint

chocolate or vanilla: chocolate

who is your favorite poet/lyricist: sylvia plath/melissa ferrick/adam duritz

would you ever ask the guy for the shirt off his back: yep

what is on the walls of your room: yellow paint/olive paint/tan paint/brick red paint/some skateboards

is the glass half empty or half full: half empty, im a little pessimistic

lefty, righty or ambidextrous: righty

do you type with your fingers on the right keys: for the most part

what's under your bed: nothing. wow.

what is your dream car: an old yellow convertible VW bug

favorite sport to watch: football/olympic swimming/baseball

truth or dare: truth


ocean or pool: both

cake or pie: cake

love or lust: love

french toast or pancakes: french toast

silver or gold: silver

shaken or stirred: shaken

democrat or republican: democrat

taco or burrito: taco

armageddon or independence day: armageddon

sunrise or sunset: sunrise

crushed or cubed: cubed

showers or baths: baths

have you ever gone skinny dipping?: yep

do you have any piercings?: not anymore

do you have any tattoos? yes

do you wear glasses: im supposed to

do you consider yourself a good listener?: not really, id rather talk

do you sing in the shower?: on occasion

do you think cheerleading is a sport?: yes

what is on your ceiling?: yellow paint/a gorgeous ceiling fan

what color is your toothbrush?: blue and white

what is your worst injury ever?: a near broken hand

what is the hardest thing about growing up?: realizing that your friends wont always be your friends

do you believe in love at first sight?: yes

have you ever been in love: yes

favorite place to be: southern california

what is the best feeling in the world?: knowing you are loved

what is the worst feeling in the world?: knowing that you're breaking someone's heart

do you think looks are important?: unfortunately, yes

how many kids do you want to have?: none

what are you wearing right now? black nail polish, red fleece yoga pants, green AE sweatshirt.

life motto: don't look back

written @ 2:00 pm on whatever day today is.
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